According to the web, lingo is the vocabulary or jargon of a particular subject or group of people.

Here are some words that only are specifically created for the beard community.

  • Pogonophilia

This refers to the love of beards or bearded persons. So gentlemen, if a woman tells you that she has a case of pogonophilia, then you know you already have something going for you.

  • Pogonotrophy

This is a greek term mean growing out your beard.

  • Pogonotomy

This is a greek word that means shaving. We do not advocate for this as much. A trim is important but a clean shaven face just can’t satisfy our pogonophilia!

  • Bed Head

Any person with nappy hair knows this struggle. This is what your hair looks like after a nap or when you get up in the morning. Like someone used a lot of effort to pat it down. This is used for both hair and facial hair.

  • Beardolosists

These are people who are experts on beards. These are the people who give us all the knowledge we need to provide you with the best beard care possible!

  • Beardlet

As derogatory as it may be, this is a ‘teeny weeny’ beard (not our words). This beard is much smaller and could be what beardolosists would call your beard after a shave.

  • Taz

This is a word that means both moustache and beard. In fact, it is said to be so versatile that it can be used as a term for various types of beards.

  • Face Fungus

It is no secret that the beard community has received a lot of hate over the years. This is a term that was used back in the 1900’s to insult people with facial hair. This was an era where a clean shaven face was more proper and full facial hair was left for the hooligans. However, just like this word, that concept is dated and the world we live in today is filled with beard lovers!

Pass this on to a bearded brother and fill him in on the lingo.

Mandevu’s got you through the discoveries!

Words: Ciku Kimani


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