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Our usual blog posts focus on beard care. However, growing a beard is not just about the length and health of it. We believe in a beard lifestyle, where we not only grow beards, but we know all about them. The study of beards is known as pogonology. Here are some facts that are sure to take us one step closer to being pogonologists.

  1. The longest beard ever grown belonged to a Norwegian man in 1927. His beard was 17.4 feet long! Is anyone up to break this record?
  1. Studies show that women are more attracted to men with beards. We’re pretty sure the beard gang knows this all too well!
  1. Abraham Lincoln started to grow his famous beard a little while after a little girl wrote him a letter, telling him that he would look better if he had one. People say that you can learn a lot from children. This little girl is proof of that!
  1. Beards save lives! No. This is not a myth. Beards have been proven to protect men from allergies seeing as they trap dust that would otherwise end up in your throat. To add on that, they protect a man’s face from the sun and this could actually reduce his chances of getting cancer.
  1. In ancient Egypt, metal beards were a sign of godliness and status. Some women even wore them. In today’s world, this could be compared to how attractive and majestic bearded men are and how women are drawn to them. Are we stretching?
  1. Touching another man’s beard was cause for a duel. This is definitely still happening today. In case you didn’t know; when you touch another man’s beard, you are looking to get smacked. Let’s keep our hands off the beard! #respecththebeard.

Let us know about any other interesting facts you may have come across.

Mandevu’s got your facts!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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