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The rainy season is upon us yet again. Just when we thought warmer weather was right around the corner, the weather man went on to inform us to prepare for another month of grey clouds.

Our bearded family knows all about beard care in the cold weather from a previous blog entry. In case you missed this, check https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/2018/03/10/sweater-weather-beard-care/ for your beard’s own good!

Now that we have the beard care down, let’s talk about the benefits of having a beard during the cold season!

  1. A beard keeps you warm: As a bearded man, you have the privilege of having a constant ‘blanket’ on your face. The breeze will never be that strong for you. If you have ever shaved during the cold weather then you know what we mean. Don’t make the same mistake again!
  1. A beard wards off throat disease: Not only will you be warmer, you will be able to avoid getting ill as well. According to Dr. Addison P. Dutcher-who conducted medical research on this matter- just like nostril hair traps dust and other bacteria so as to protect the lungs, facial hair can also trap airborne particles and prevent them from passing through the mouth. Hashtag Beards Save Lives!
  1. A beard can assist those with asthma: Addison’s studies showed that having a beard can prevent throat diseases, however, if you are already part of the inhaler club, you still benefit from having a beard. It has been shown to act as an additional filter for your lungs, thus your condition becomes much easier to maintain in any weather.
  1. Growing a beard can save you time: We all know that shaving is a tedious and time consuming process. The simple solution to this problem is letting it grow. This extra time will come in handy to do more important things like snuggling up!
  1. Beards have been said to improve intimacy: You know how they say it’s all in your mind? Well growing a beard gives a man more confidence and makes him feel more attractive. This can work wonders when it comes to intimacy. It is no secret that this cuddle weather tends to lead to more intimacy and bearded men are said to be winning in this department!

Remember to take extra good care of your beard in the cold season. Do not neglect your beard! Shampoo, moisturize, trim and care for it especially after the rain may have gotten into it.

Mandevu’s got you through the rainy days!


Words: Ciku Kimani

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