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Adding Volume To Your Beard

Adding Volume To Your Beard

Beard volume consists of three things:

  • Thickness – this is the measure of how long your beard hair is. You need about an inch or two to have the appearance of a full beard.
  • Fullness – this is the number of hairs you have in your beard. This is not something you can count but it is definitely something you can see.
  • Vibrancy – this is how your beard looks on your face. Is it lively or does it look tired?

So, how can you achieve more volume in your beard?

  1. Find a good beard wash:

A beard wash that contains vitamin C or citric acid will give you an advantage when it comes to beard health and volume. These components boost growth and health of your hair.

2. Find a good beard oil:

Just like the wash, a beard oil and balm will escalate growth and health of your beard. Argan oil and Jojoba oil are key ingredients for any beard oil. These give your hair the extra nutrients that they require to look and feel better. Click this link for more info: What is in Your Beard Products?

3. Stop itching:

Step 1 & 2 already give you an advantage when it comes to this. The healthy ingredients in the wash and balm help fight dandruff (beardduff) and reduce the itchiness.

The less you touch your beard, the more stimulated growth is. Itching/touching your beard irritates the hair and the skin underneath it and makes hair growth difficult.

4. Eat right, drink water, exercise…repeat:

Leafy greens, protein and fruit are a must have in your diet. These healthy foods promote hair growth and are a natural hair growth booster (stay away from chemicals and strange potions – these will always backfire).

Natural boosters such as good food, lots of water and taking care of your body are the best ways to get the best results.

Mandevu’s got your tips to more volume!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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