Mandevu Mid-Year Sale

Mandevu Starter Pack

How wild is it that we are in the middle of 2021? For those of you who are starting the beard challenge in the middle of the year, this is a great time to shop for all the beard products that you need. For those of you who have been doing the challenge, this is […]

More Than Beard Oil (Part 2)

Beard oil is the gift that keeps giving. Here are a few more alternative uses for beard oil. Beard oil as a pre-shave/pre-trim oil: This is a step that is overlooked when it comes to grooming. Most people jump right into applying shaving cream. Adding beard oil to your shaving process is a game changer. […]

More Than Beard Oil (Part 1)

If you are part of the Mandevu family, you already know how much we love beard oil. It is our holy grail for a healthy, full, beautiful beard. Did you know that there are alternative uses for beard oil? Here are a few of them: Beard oil as a hair mask: It can be used […]

Father’s Day Special

We have heard it said that father’s often feel left out with all the hype that goes on about Mother’s Day but seems to dwindle once Father’s Day approaches. What better way to show a bearded dad some love than to get him some beard products? Here are a few packages that will show dad […]

Protagonist Beards

According to the dictionary, a protagonist is: the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc. “the novel’s main protagonist is an American intelligence officer” This article doubles as a beard appreciation piece as well as a movie/show recommendation – we will try our best not to give too […]

Fun Facts About Beards

Romans used beards to tell each other apart: This historic fact states that Romans would grow and style their beard according to the school of thought that they belonged to. You could tell what notions a person stood behind by just looking at them. If only this was still a thing. The we would be […]

Beards in The Animal Kingdom

It is said that a lion’s mane is its facial hair. Apparently, a lion that does not have a mane is treated very differently by those with one and differently from those with one. The mane less lion will have a harder time with the lionesses, will be picked on by other lions and will […]

Adding Volume To Your Beard

Beard volume consists of three things: Thickness – this is the measure of how long your beard hair is. You need about an inch or two to have the appearance of a full beard. Fullness – this is the number of hairs you have in your beard. This is not something you can count but […]

Body Grooming Tips

We love a well-groomed beard! In fact, we have spoken about this countless times. Here at Mandevu, we are all about people as whole. We not only care about your beard looking and smelling great but we care about you looking and smelling great too. Body grooming- also known as manscaping is ‘the act of hair removal, […]

What They Don’t Tell You About Growing a Beard

A lot of beard blogs and social media pages constantly talk about the benefits of growing a beard. They rarely highlight the downside of this process. As part of the beard fam, we are sure you have experienced some of these issues. The bright side of this though is that there is a solution for […]

MANDEVU’S List of Do’s (during a pandemic)

We may be tired of this pandemic but unfortunately, it is still very much here with us. Last year, we went through a list of don’ts during this period. Now let’s take a look at the things we SHOULD be doing during this time. These are simple things that may seem like a no brainer […]

Beard Cleaning 101

“101 (pronounced “one-oh-one”) is a topic for beginners in any area. It has all the basic principles and concepts that are expected in a particular field. In American university course numbering systems, the number 101 is often used for an introductory course at a beginner’s level in a department’s subject area.” Source: Wikipedia Your beard harbors a lot […]