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Once a man finds the right barber, they become inseparable. It is an unspoken rule for a man to visit another barber unless the said man perhaps falls out with their barber, relocates to another city or county or the barber retires (but do barbers retire ever?)There is a mutual respect and bond a man and his barber share. A certain language is spoken and most times even the silence between them speaks volumes.

We have compiled a few things we know men look for (or should) when deciding to stick with a barber;

  1. Cleanliness – this is a major key when looking and sticking with a barber. The way the barbershop and the surfaces are kept is important. Tools also have to be disinfected before and after.
  2. Rapport – the way the barber sort of connects with you is important. There has to be an understanding between the two of you. A good barber asks for feedback while shaving, gives you advise on how to maintain the cut in between visits.
  3. Location/Convenience – though we know of people who drive miles weekly for their weekly shave, convenience is important when selecting a barbershop. You never know when you may need a quick touch up mid-week.
  4. Recommendation – word of mouth goes a long way. A recommendation from a friend about a barber is always key.
  5. Confidence – no one wants a barber without confidence. A barber who isn’t sure what he is doing or worse using you as a muse will not cut it.

Do you have other things you look for when deciding on a barber?

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