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As you grow your beard, people will give you advice about it all the time. From tips about growing it to how they feel about it. People will criticize, compliment and talk at you about your beard. This can get noisy. So we thought that we’d give you 5 tips from professional barbers all over the world that have the Mandevu stamp on them. When the noise around you gets too much, you can rely on us for solid advice.

  1. Tame your stray hairs:

As much as we love the thick beard, we call for use of that razor whenever you see a stray hair. Stray hairs not only interrupt your beard growth but they also make your beard look untidy and that’s not a good look. We like the nice, taken care of beards.

  1. Experiment with your beard:

Both professional beard and the Mandevu team encourage our beard fam to experiment with their beards. Dye it, shape it differently, and grow it to different lengths. Whatever it is that you haven’t done before, DO IT! If you have no idea how to dye or shape your own hair, visit your favourite barber and have him/her do it for you.

In all your experimenting, don’t forget to wash and oil and comb your mane. This produces the best results.

  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! :

This one has to be repeated because most men don’t do this. We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this is so important for your beard growth and health. Exfoliating allows the follicles under our beard to open up and that allows more healthy hair to grow. This also combats itchiness, dryness and breakouts.

  1. Get yourself some beard products:

Guys! We’ve been through this before. Wash it.  Moisturize it. Groom it.

BEARD WASH. BEARD OIL. BEARD BALM. BEARD BRUSH/COMB. Get yourself some! https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/shop/

  1. Give it time:

If you are an avid reader of our blog, then you know this is always the last bit of advice that we leave you with. And that’s because it works! Ask any man with a healthy, thick, beautiful beard about how it got that way. Trust us, it didn’t take two days or a week or even a month. It took a while. Your patience and beard TLC will definitely pay off in the end.

And there we have it fam. 5 simple ways to keep your beard fresh and healthy. Certified by professional barbers from all over the globe and Mandevu!

Mandevu’s got your advice.

Words: Ciku Kimani

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