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Don’t let the title fool you. Anything worthwhile in life has no shortcuts. This applies to growing and maintaining a beautiful, thick beard. Here’s some tough love for you… if you don’t have the commitment and perseverance it takes to grow out that beard, then you might as well stay clean shaven.

  1. Be patient: If you are an avid researcher, I bet you’re pretty tired of hearing this tip over and over again. Every expert and blogger will give you this advice. Well, this is because it is probably one of the most important tips there is when it comes to beard care.
  2. Put away the trimmers and styling solutions! Let your beard have its awkward phase, where your hair is at different lengths. Stick it out! Just like the ugly duckling, it will eventually blossom… after 4-6 weeks approximately.
  3. Wash it regularly: Keep that beard clean fellas! Any bearded man knows how food and drinks like to get in there. When these particles interact with skin cells, it causes a lot of itching. Wash it and pat dry it gently. Overzealous drying can lead to split ends and frizz.
  4. Remember to keep the beard oil close: I’m sure you’ve heard your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and any other woman in your life talk about how important it is to moisturize hair. You may have guessed that this does not apply to you, but guess again!
  5. Nothing tames your beard as much as beard oil does. To add on that, it leaves your beard looking smooth and shiny (in a good way).
  6. Secure your beard care tools: Contrary to popular belief, tools do not only consist of scissors and trimmers. These tools include balms, creams and combs. You can find all three in The Mandevu Kit at an affordable price. These products are perfect for conditioning, moisturizing and styling your beard to perfection.
  7. Don’t be scared to seek some advice:  A little research and advice from experts will do you more good than harm! Watch a YouTube video, go on the internet, make short notes and be committed to finding the best solution for you. However, don’t trust everything you read and watch… the keyword here is experts
  8. Take care of yourself: A lot of men complain about bumps and pimples occurring as they grow their beard. Most men go out of their way and deep into their pockets buying anti bump creams and other solutions, when all you really need to do is eat right and use the right products for your skin. These bumps occur on your skin so a good skin care remedy and a healthy diet will do the trick. Moisture also keeps these bumps at bay, so be sure to make Mandevu beard balm and oil your best friends!

Following these quick tips is a sure way to get your beard to the point you want it to reach. Go get your Beard Goals!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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