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  1. You are not alone! Did you know that 55% of the male population wears facial hair? That’s a whole lot of people. It’s a mystery how we do not notice this.
  2. More men compliment your beard. It has been proven that women do not notice beards as much as other men do. Apparently, a man with a full grown beard is seen to exude an alpha presence especially to men who can’t grow a beard!
  1. If you are a member of the beard gang, never pass up the chance to be in a staring competition. It is said that bearded men are 63% more likely to win in a stare down.
  2. If you touched another man’s beard in the Middle Ages, it was grounds for a duel. This may still be the case in this day and age given the way most people feel about their hair being touched.
  3. The average man’s beard grows 5.5 inches a year. So CALM down beard gang. Don’t rush the process. Don’t invest in miracle growth creams and such. Good things come to those who wait!
  4. You may scare some people off. This is not such a ‘fun’ fact, but there are some people who are actually scared of beards and bearded people. These people suffer from something called pogonophobia.  Luckily, you are less likely to meet such people as opposed to those who love the scruff.
  1. Not shaving cures your skin disorders. If you suffer from acne or any other skin ailments, then you should put your razor down. Shaving can cause the spread of bacteria which harbors more germs that cause these break outs. Growing out your beard puts an end to this.
  2. Growing out your beard also protects you from other diseases such as cancer or even from a mild sun burn. It acts as a natural sun block and shades your face from the UV-Rays.
  3. Another health reason is that it protects you from the dust. If you live in any dry area, then you know how dusty it can get. A beard can help trap some dust and other harmful particles blowing in the wind and have you breathing easier than those who like their faces clean shaven.
  4. Did we mention that a beard is good for your sex life? Surveys show that women think that their bearded lovers are better than the rest! This could be because beards increase your confidence. Whatever it is, the ladies love it!

Now you have 10 more reasons to grow out your beard. Don’t forget to wash, condition and moisturize your beard to optimize its numerous benefits.

Mandevu’s got your beard facts!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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