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As the year draws to a close, we reflect on all the beard articles from 2022 that told us how to grow a beard and how to take care of it. We even wrote about booking doctor’s appointments and encourage our brothers to do the same in November for Movember. What now? What comes at the close of the year looking into the new year?

Here are some tips for your continuing beard journey;

  1. Condition your beard regularly

You don’t need to worry about adding another product to your beard routine – your beard oil works as a natural, healthy conditioner for your beard. Good beard oils have natural products, are non-greasy, and are meant to live your hair shiny and soft.

2. Shampoo your beard weekly

Shampooing your beard once or twice a week is all you need to make sure that it’s super clean and fresh throughout. Anything more than this would be detrimental to your beard health and growth because over-washing will reduce the healthy nutrients from your oil and balm.

Our mint shampoo will leave the skin under your beard feeling fresh and clean. Get it here:

3. Use a beard brush and comb daily

These two items are essential for your grooming routine. The beard brush will help spread the oil and balm into your beard hair and the skin underneath it. A beard brush is also the best option for grooming if your beard is not too long.

Longer beards also need brushes for the same reason, however, a beard comb is recommended for styling as your beard gets longer.

Remember to brush in a gentle, circular motion to ensure best results.

4. Find your beard shape

Knowing your beard style is important so that you can know how to achieve it. It will guide you on how often to trim, how long to grow it out and what direction to comb it in. if you have no idea where to start, check out Beard Style Guide for some tips.

5. Trim, trim, trim

As crazy as it sounds, trimming is one of the biggest boosters for your beard growth. It gets rid of stray and fizzy hair and leaves and promotes healthy hair growth. You can either do this at home, or book an appointment with a professional barber – Mandevu Grooming House

Mandevu’s got your beard care tips!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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