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There is an unfortunate belief that beards breed harmful bacteria. A study done a few years ago found that there are bacteria in the beard. This is not as shocking as it sounds, if you want a bacteria-free beard, then you will have to adjust your expectations.

Human beings are loaded with bacteria. They hang on and around us, balancing out our bodies with no looming threat of harm or danger. Having a beard can be extremely beneficial. Here are a few ways that a beard is good for you.

  1. It can help keep you warm

Your beard can keep your face warm during the cold, rainy season. It adds a layer of warmth to your face and neck.

Who needs a cuddle buddy when you have a beard? (This needs to be on a shirt somewhere).

2. It protects you from sun rays

Not to be confused with keeping you cool, beards can keep you safe from harmful sun rays. This can protect you from sunburns and skin damage by blocking up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays.

3. It makes men feel more confident and attractive

Studies have shown that men feel more confident with a beard. This is one of the most important benefits for any bearded man. It can be proven that how we feel inside reflects on the outside. If you feel more confident, you are more likely to apply for that new job or hit on that cute stranger across the room.

4. It saves you time

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning? You can save 15-20 minutes in your preparation time if you grow your beard out instead of shaving every morning.

5. It makes it easier to shop for you

With the recent social media ‘riots’, we have understood that men would like to receive gifts outside of the socks and tie variety.

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What benefits have you experienced in your beard journey? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Words: Ciku Kimani

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