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Money, fame, fashion sense, talent…these are some of the things we would list when we speak about celebrities and why we look up to them. Get ready to add a beard onto that list as we compare celebrities before and after they embraced the scruff.

  • We vote B! Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth best known for his roles in action films such as Thor and the Avengers makes the beard and messy ponytail look work. This is for the hippie man who doesn’t bring any sharp objects near his head nor his face.


  • Started from the bottom now we’re here! Who knew Drake could grow a beard and make it look so good? This is an inspiration for all the men who have been told that they look better with a clean shaven face. Try grow out your beard and prove everyone wrong.


  • The bearded man wins again! Prince William defies the odds by rocking a beard although he is fair-haired. Not only does this beard bring out his eyes and the structure of his face more, but it also serves as a distraction from the balding…


  • From the moustache in Men in Black, to the bald head and full beard in Suicide Squad, Will Smith has shown us that he can rock any facial hair style that there is. He does this way better than he rocks the clean shaven look in a movie like Seven Pounds. This is an example of why some people (not us!) say that a beard is like make up for men


  • Salt & Pepper! What is it about the beard that brings out the eyes? Bearded Clooney’s eyes not only look warmer but they look younger as well. For a man who ages so gracefully on his own, it is a wonder to see that a beard adds to that wine-like characteristic.


  • Yay or Nay? Unfortunately, being voted sexiest man on the planet more than once does not let you get away with rocking any beard style. Brad Pitt may not be able to pull off a long goatee but that doesn’t mean he can’t rock a full beard or just a moustache. At the end of the day, you need to find a beard style that works for the shape of your face.


  • Chocolate scruff! If you are a fan of late 90’s and early 00’s  African American films like Brown Sugar and The Best Man, then you know Taye Diggs has not aged one bit. The beard makes him seem more refined and mature as the years pass by and this is one celebrity who lets his beard grow, uninterrupted and bears with the patches and awkward lengths gracefully. This is hope for all you men out there who have the same trouble as you grow your beard. There’s hope!


  • I like my beard dark and strong! Idris Elba is serving some chocolate salt and pepper. As you grow older, your beard hair grows with you and as you keep shaving, the outline of your beard will be grey as well. This is visible in picture A. However, in picture B, the grey hair in the full beard looks way better. So here’s a tip, let your beard grow!


  • All Chin… For those of you out there who have a pronounced chin, a beard could be the best way for you to draw attention away from that. Take this beautiful light skinned man, Michael Ealy for example. In picture A, it’s mostly chin, however with a little more facial hair in picture B, that’s the last thing we see.


  • Black don’t crack! Denzel Washington has been a sex symbol for his entire career. This probably has something to do with the beard. From his bad ass character in Training Day to his salt and pepper beard in Fences, his beard game has stood the test of time. It’s not surprising that the ladies still go crazy over him even in his 60’s!

As you experiment and try and find the best beard style that suits you, remember to keep that facial hair moisturized, conditioned and styled with Mandevu Beard Care products.

 Words: Ciku Kimani

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