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Body Grooming Tips

Body Grooming Tips

We love a well-groomed beard! In fact, we have spoken about this countless times. Here at Mandevu, we are all about people as whole. We not only care about your beard looking and smelling great but we care about you looking and smelling great too.

Body grooming- also known as manscaping is ‘the act of hair removal, shaving, styling or trimming hair of the male body.

So, this covers all the hair from your head to toe. Here are some tips for manscaping for the men that love a hairy beard and a hairless body.

  1. Trim then shave:

Trim your beard, don’t shave it. (unless you are looking to start all over)

As for the rest of the hair on your body, it is advised that you trim first then shave after. This will make your task much easier and will ensure that your blades don’t get clogged.

2. Shower before you pick up the razor:

Showering first will not only have you smelling great, but it will also soften your skin and make it much easier for you to shave your body.

Showering also allows you to get rid of any bacteria or germs that may be on your body from sweat and other factors throughout the day. Getting rid of these germs before showering makes the process a lot cleaner and safer.

3. Safety first:

Shaving your lower body requires a level of flexibility. Some men have a harder time with this bit.

You will need to find a comfortable spot, a mirror and good lighting to tackle every little hair on your lower body without hurting yourself.

Trimming first will have made this process easier for you.

4. Moisturize…moisturize…moisturize:

Gents, no person wants to feel or look at ashy skin. Once you have shaved, you are likely to be ashier than usual. Use your lotion and beard oil religiously and you will be more than fine!

Remember, no matter how well dressed you are, it is all pointless if you are not well groomed.

Mandevu’s got your manscaping tips!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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