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Losing hair has been said to be one of the most ego shattering occurrences for men all over the world. If you are balding, you are not alone.

However for those who have the issue of balding both on their heads and on their chins, we have the solution to get that hair growing.

  1. Medicine: this has developed a bad rep over the years because many people have sought out medicinal remedies without consulting a professional first. There are actually people trained to deal with hair loss so it would be highly advisable to schedule an appointment with one of them and hear what they have to say, before you seek out your own treatment.
  1. Massages: Give yourself a massage in the balding areas every day. Better yet, you’re your partner to do it. If that’s not an option, get the lady at the barber shop to do it! Massages generate blood circulation to your hair follicles and this promotes hair growth. Try and do this for three minutes, once or twice a day. An added benefit is that it feels great!
  1. Get some fresh air: Yeah! You read that right… hair growth can be stirred by simply going outside. This is because vitamin D promotes skin and scalp health which is good for hair growth. You have to careful with this one. Too much sun can also damage your skin and hair. So make sure you use beard oil before-hand; and if your skin is super sensitive use beard oil and sun screen before you feel the warmth of the sun.
  1. Watch what you eat: Our beard family knows this all too well. This is a recurring factor in all beard care tips. A healthy you and a healthy lifestyle equals healthy hair! We are not saying that you should miss out on burger fest or an occasional order from KFC, but it’s all about that balance. Here are a few things you may like to incorporate into your diet: Meal Plan for a healthy beard.

Mandevu’s got you through the growth!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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