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Fun Facts About Beards

Fun Facts About Beards
  1. Romans used beards to tell each other apart:

This historic fact states that Romans would grow and style their beard according to the school of thought that they belonged to. You could tell what notions a person stood behind by just looking at them.

If only this was still a thing. The we would be able to know if we want to engage in a conversation with someone just by looking at them.

2. Beards were prescribed:

In the olden days, doctors would encourage men to grow their beards in order to protect them from diseases.

The reasoning behind this was that they thought that a beard could protect men from harmful germs.

3. Beards can be scary:

Pogonophobia is the fear/phobia of beards.

Don’t let this deter you from growing your beard though as it is a rare fear.

4. Pogonotomy:

Strangely enough, this is another word for shaving.

The next time you want to throw around a big word, try this one.

5. Most beard compliments come from other men:

Apparently most compliments about your beard will come from other men as opposed to women. This is probably because another man is more likely to understand all the effort and time it took to get that mane looking perfect.

6. Beards act as both a scarf and sunscreen:

A beard works for you in all seasons.

During the cold season, it provides warmth for your face and neck.

During the hot season, it provides shade from harmful UV Rays (basically saving your life).

7. The king of hearts does not have a beard:

We don’t know what the reason behind this is, but have you ever noticed that the king of hearts is the only king on the deck of cards without a ‘stache?

Mandevu’s got your fun facts!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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