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We have stressed the fact that eating right can change your beard for the better. Eating healthy and exercising has been proven to impact every part of the body in the most positive ways. From increasing growth of long and luscious hair to glowing skin and both internal and physical health, this is your answer to a better you with a thick, beautiful beard.

Now don’t get us wrong…balding does not apply to this. A receding hairline all comes down to genes and there is not enough broccoli in the world to change that. Sorry! However, your beard can disappear right along with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Have you noticed almost every fitness coach, nutritionist or health conscious person you run into almost always has a prodigious beard? Coincidence? We think not…

We came up with a sample 5-day meal plan that could show massive gains in your beard growth.

Day 1:

Breakfast- A Spanish Omelette, Spinach and Orange Juice

Meal 2- Chicken, Broccoli, Avocado (add some garlic and ginger mince into your meal)

Meal 3- Sweet Potatoes, Fish (preferably fatty fish like Salmon), Leafy green vegetables

Snack: Cashew Nuts

Day 2:

Breakfast- Oats

Meal 2- Roasted Pumpkin, Beef Stew, Kale

Meal 3- Rice, Fish, Bell Peppers

Snack: Peanuts

Day 3:

Breakfast- Boiled eggs

Meal 2- Beans and rice

Meal 3- Tuna and Spinach

Snacks: Brazilian nuts

Day 4:

Breakfast- Banana pancakes and milk

Meal 2- Sardines, Ugali (preferably made with sorghum or maize flour), Kale

Meal 3- Grilled Chicken, Potatoes, Broccoli

Snack: Carrots

Day 5:

Breakfast- Fried Eggs and Citrus based fruits

Meal 2- A leafy green salad

Meal 3- Steak, Sweet potatoes and Carrots

Snack: Grapes

Other key nutrients for a healthy beard:

  • Cinnamon– you can infuse your water with cinnamon sticks or have a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon improves circulation to follicles ensuring that hair grows faster.
  • Raisins– these dried grapes boost testosterone which speeds up hair growth.
  • Pumpkin Seeds– they are high in zinc which builds cells that stops hair loss.
  • Mangoes– these fruits have a moisturizing effect on hair.
  • Sunflower Seeds– they make the hair thicker and promote growth of bodily tissues, including those that comprise hair follicles.

It is important to know that here at Mandevu, we are only experts of the beard. This 5-day sample meal plan is a guideline to the types of food you should be consuming. If you already have a nutritionist or a meal plan from any other professional, then you probably already have these ingredients incorporated in your plan. They have also probably told you that it will take more than 1 month to achieve results…we second that!

Portions and the preparation of meals may also vary according to what you want to achieve in terms of your weight. We highly recommend getting help from people who do this at a professional level.

Tip- check out @justgymit on Instagram to find out more about fitness and nutrition.

The one thing we can be absolutely sure of is that following a healthy diet with most or all the ingredients listed above and using the Mandevu products is the best way to get that healthy, thick, beautiful beard. Mandevu’s got you through your healthy beard journey!

Please share with us your before and after pictures showing us the journey before you started to eat healthy and use Mandevu products to after you got into the lifestyle.

Words: Ciku Kimani

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