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With Valentine’s Day being today, the last weeks have been filled with advertisements and promotions about perfect cupid’s day gifts… mostly along the lines of ‘the perfect gift for her’. We at Mandevu care about both our beard gang and their significant others. This Valentine’s Day, all you need is 3 steps for a perfect valentine’s!

  1. Make sure your facial hair is soft! – This is mandatory especially on a day that requires more intimacy than usual.Nothing could be worse than ruining a perfect kiss with rough, prickly facial hair. In order to avoid this, applying a few drops of Mandevu beard oil will do as you get ready for your date. This will leave your beard soft and it will feel great on your partner’s skin.We recommend that you use the beard oil after getting out of the shower where you used your beard wash!
  1. Smell good! – No, we are not just talking about taking a shower and making use of that deodorant and cologne. Although those are of utmost importance for your special night, a beard scent should be a top priority as well. Mandevu Beard Balm has the perfect scent seeing as it is not too strong. She is guaranteed to get a mild whiff of it when she places her head on your neck. You may find her getting closer to your neck as she tries to figure out what that aroma is!
  1. Tame the Mane! – Any member of the beard gang knows how this beloved facial hair can get in the way sometimes. Those little stray hairs that find their way into your food or the food that finds its way into your beard…A brush and a comb will straighten out this dilemma for you. These products allow you to style and shape your facial hair. So as she ‘lays her edges,’ make sure you lay yours too! This way, your ’stache and beard don’t get in the way of you and your partner…

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you and your partner. These three steps take care of your skin and facial hair while taking care of her all at once.

Be sure to purchase your Mandevu Beard Care Set so you can get all your essentials for this perfect day and night. The best part is that you can get all these products at a reduced price with our valentines offer! Go to Mandevu and get yours. Mandevu’s got you this romantic season!

WORDS: Ciku Kimani




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