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Mandevu Challenge Mid-Year Check-In

Mandevu Challenge Mid-Year Check-In

Before the year began, we proposed a beard challenge to our beard fam. Click this link for a refresher –  Mandevu 2021 Challenge. Whether you forgot, fell off the wagon or missed out on this article, it is never too late to re/start this challenge. 

If you have been consistent with your beard routine, by now, you should be seeing a few or all the below benefits:

  1. Taming the beast:

This should be such an easy thing for you by now. Consistent beard care allows your hair to soften as it grows which in turn makes it so much easier to comb or brush as you style your beard.

Shaping and styling your beard are extremely important steps to ensure a perfect looking beard.

2. Skin goals:

An overlooked benefit of beard care is that it helps keep the skin underneath the beard clean and healthy.

The nutrients that are in the beard balm and beard oil are essential for getting rid of beard dandruff and pimples which in turn leaves your skin clear and radiant.

3. Looking good, smelling good:

Have you hugged someone recently and gotten a compliment about your scent?

This is attributed to both your natural scent, your deo/cologne and the beard oil and balm. These ensure that your beard has a light, fresh scent.

4. Growth:

We always say that there is no miracle oil that will grow your beard. However, consistency will give you the growth you are looking for. Remember it’s a marathon, not a race. The more consistent you are, the more growth you will notice. Remember that your diet can also help speed up your growth. Have a look at A Meal Plan to a Healthy Beard.

Let us know what changes you have noticed in the last 6 months in the comment section below.

Mandevu’s got your check-ins. 

Words: Ciku Kimani

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