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MANDEVU LIST OF DONT’S (during a pandemic)

MANDEVU LIST OF DONT’S (during a pandemic)

It’s been a long time beard gang! But we had to come back during this time when we need each other the most…and we’re here to stay.

These times are filled with anxiety and panic and we need to keep encouraging each other and finding conducive ways to cope with the new normal in the most positive ways that we can.

Here are a list of things that we shouldn’t be doing in order to achieve this:

Do Not Slack on the Beard Care

Just because you are home all day, all night, every day, doesn’t mean that your beard does not need that crucial TLC.

You could be in your PJ’s from dusk till dawn and see no need to do the things that you would do in your normal routine; like washing, conditioning and moisturizing your facial hair; but you really should.

In fact, your beard has a better chance of thriving as you care for it right now without all the dust and outside particles that you would have to deal with before we started staying indoors.

Do Not Treat This like a Vacation

It is super easy to get comfortable in this period while we stay home.

You may find yourself strolling to the kitchen more often these days and taking a lot more naps. We get it. We are in this struggle together.

However, as stated in the previous point, we need to stick to our routines. This will keep us moving and thinking and prepared to jump back into our normal schedule once that time comes.

Work like your boss is watching, read, exercise, shower, brush your teeth, and oil your beard (see BENEFITS OF BEARD OIL)

We guarantee you that this will give you a feeling of some normalcy during this time.

Do Not Believe the Hype

Some naysayers have come up with a story that a beard could increase the chances of getting the Covid-19. Don’t believe the hype!

The fact is that the virus is yet to be completely figured out, however current research does not support that a beard has any effect in contracting the virus.

We wouldn’t rush to shave off that beautiful beard.  

Do Not Stress

There is a lot of panic and anxiety going on at the moment. Neither panic nor stress is good for your hair growth.

The more you panic, the more you bald… true story.

Follow the guidelines we have been given by medical experts – not WhatsApp and other social media experts – and you will be fine. There is really no reason to panic if you are doing this quarantine right.


We deliver your beard products to you so all you have to do is stay in, be kind to yourself , give yourself a break, and take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically!

Tell us- How are you keeping busy/sane/productive through this period?

Join us next week as we go through the list of DO’s during this time.

Mandevu’s got you through the pandemic!

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