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November is a special month for the bearded fam. Movember is an annual event where men grow out their beards and moustaches in order to raise awareness for men’s health issues which include suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Here are some tips to get you through this Movember:

  1. Use your beard products religiously

You will need to wash your beard every week using a beard wash. Use lukewarm water to aid in getting rid of those germs and dandruff (beardruff). Use your beard balm and oil every day. Comb and brush to help get the product in there, which makes it super easy to style your beard.

2. Steam

Steam your face to open up your pores. This will aid both your beard health and growth.

Now that the flu is going around, this will also count as a measure to avoid it. Let’s call it killing two birds with one stone.

If you don’t want to steam, you can also use the hot towel method, where you put a hot towel on your beard to open up your pores. Ensure that you use your balm and oil after this for the best results.

3. Patience

You will need to be patient through the patches and the itching. Patience pays! With time, the patches will fill in and with consistent beard care, the itch will go away.

4. Remember why you’re doing it

Why do you want to/ why are you participating in this Movember? Whether it’s for the health issues, to raise awareness, or even if you just want to. Do not forget why you are doing this, it will keep you motivated as you grow your beard.

5. Get a check-up

We know about the stereotype that men don’t like to go to the hospital, but we hope this is a thing of the past. We are all about wellness. Eat right, exercise, book your annual doctor’s visit, use your beard products and take care of yourself.

These tips apply even after this month is over. Keep taking care of your beard, mental, and physical health.

Mandevu’s got your Movember!

Words: Ciku Kimani

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