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Most articles we’ve done about facts are normally ‘fun’ facts. This Movember, we mix it up with the fun and the real. Here are a few facts about this month:

  1. Movember was originally about growing ones moustache for charity but it has evolved to growing out the beard as well. Most people do not do it for charity anymore.
  2. In a deck of cards, the King of hearts is the only one without a moustache.
  3. Growing facial hair can actually help reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. This is because the hair shades your face from harmful UV Rays. This was proven by a study done by the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.
  4. Police in Madhya Pradesh State, India, are sometimes paid more to grow out their facial hair because it commands more respectWe definitely agree with this one. Facial hair turns a baby face into a grown, respectable man real quick.
  5. The average man will touch his ‘stache upwards of 750 times a day! This is the equivalent of touching it about 31 times per hour… As we always say, this is a no-no in the Mandevu community. Keep your hands off your face for optimum and bump free growth.
  6. Man time saves lives. Men need to spend time in the company of other men from time to time. It is said to boost testosterone levels, physical health, sex drive as well as mental health. So when she stresses you about boys’ night, remind her that it’s beneficial to you both. Hanging out with the boys could be the best form of catharsis you could get.
  7. Albert Einstein grew and maintained his beard for over 50 years. We’re not saying that facial hair increases your IQ, but, it comes as no surprise that one of the smartest men to ever live rocked a moustache.
  8. A fancy way of saying shaving is pogonotomy (you can use this at your next dinner party)
  9. During the Victorian era (1837 -1901), ordinary men used moustache spoons which were made with a guard on their rims to create a barrier between the moustache and the soup, thus preventing the soup from getting into the moustache. How convenient would a moustache and beard spoon be for the beard gang in this era
  10. Prostates need checking. Let’s not forget that this month was originally dedicated to getting Mo bros to get checkups and stay healthy. Our culture does not promote this enough but it is a fact that one man dies every hour from prostate cancer. If detected early, men have a 98 percent chance of survival, however, when detected late, this number reduces to 26 percent. Let the odds be in your favour and get an annual prostate exam.

It’s Mid November and it’s not too late to get tested and get your bros to get checked out as well. Be a mo bro this month and every other month. You good man?

Words: Ciku Kimani

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