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Now that we’re coming to the end of No-Shave November, it’s time to shave that facial hair. That’s probably what you think or what you’ve heard but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because the month is over, that doesn’t mean that your beard growth has to be too. You may get a lot of pressure to see your barber from family and friends but here are a few reasons you can give them as to why that won’t be happening:

  • Facial hair keeps you warm in cold weather and shades your face in warmer weather. Anyone who has been to Nairobi in the last month knows how unpredictable this weather is. One minute it’s raining and the next, the sun is out and the sky is blue. Facial hair keeps you protected either way.
  • Facial hair could improve your health.  As we found out in previous articles, eating well and exercising can contribute to healthy beard growth. Growing out your beard is a perfect reason to stay healthy.
  • Facial hair can prevent illnesses. This sounds like a myth right? However, it has actually been proven that a beard keeps germs and toxins in the air away from your mouth. It literally acts as a filter and this can help prevent diseases especially those that affect the throat. This is greatly beneficial to people who suffer from asthma.
  • Facial hair prevents acne. Besides the fact that shaving is a process that requires a lot time, patience and product, it also creates openings on the face that allow the bacteria that lives on the skin to sip in. This bacteria causes infections that lead to ingrown hairs and acne. Bearded men have little to know break outs because the facial hair protects their skin.
  • Facial hair can help you get a mate. This is a new one for us as well. According to surveys that have been conducted, a majority of women were said to associate the stubble beard more attractive sexually, while men with full beards were associated with having the capability of being a good father and husband and looking more successful. Clean shaven men were not associated with either of these.                                                                                                                  So if you’re just looking to have fun then a stubble should do it for you, however if you’re looking to start a family, then a full beard could be a good way to start. In general, most men with beards are associated with health and virility.

There you have it! We find it hard to believe that anyone would tell you to shave off your beard after you let them know these facts. Remember to keep your beard always clean, moisturized and healthy throughout your growth process.

Words: Ciku Kimani

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