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As we draw close to the end of November, here are some tips that can help you take extra good care of your beard this month and if you do decide to keep growing your beard thereafter. These are a combination of tips from men who have claimed to have the best Movembers!

  1. Maximize Growth– We have stressed this over and over again, a healthy man equals a healthy beard. Eat right, exercise, stress less and do all the things that make you happy and notice how thick and luscious your beard will be. If you think the two have nothing to do with each other, we challenge you this Movember, take care of yourself as you grow out your beard and compare it to the months where you had let yourself go just a tad. The difference is huge!
  1. Be sensitive to your partner- The first few days of growing out your beard are not fun for either you or your spouse. The hair will tend to be prickly so avoid rubbing it on your person, for their sake. This applies to anyone else who will be in close proximity to your face. Have you ever hugged a person and been in pain right after cause their beard hair poked you? Don’t be that guy this Movember. Give it two weeks then you can feel free to get as close as you want.
  1. Groomed Cave Man– Just because you get a free pass to grow your facial hair as long as you want to this month, don’t forget to groom it. The aim is to grow a good looking moustache and beard, don’t throw out the beard balms and oils just yet.
  2. Confidence is everything! – Remember to wear your beard. Don’t let it wear you. Seeing as this challenge could require you to grow your facial hair out longer than you normally do, or longer than you are used to, make sure you embrace the change with all the confidence you can master up. Confidence makes everything look good.
  1. Get a comb or brush- This needs to be a specific comb for your moustache and your beard. The purpose of this is not only to keep it neat but combing it makes it look fuller and thicker. You can get one of these from https://mandevu.co.ke/pesapal/shop/
  2. DON’T use an electric razor- Your barber will have to miss you this month. When either you or your barber put that razor on that beard, you could go overboard and end up shaving off more than was intended. So use scissors or a single-edge safety razor to be on the safer side when it comes to trimming.
  3. DON’T touch your hair… in fact, just keep your hands off your face completely. When you have a pimple on your face, the best advice is to keep your hands off, the same applies when you have facial hair. This is because our fingernails and our hands collect so much bacteria in the course of the day which affects hair growth and smooth skin (which is great for hair growth). Keep the hands off the face!
  1. Let it grow- For those of you who have a hard time growing facial hair, just follow the guidelines and tips and be patient. Sometimes you may only make it to a Chevron (if you don’t know what this is then you can check out the blog post on different beard styles for a refresher course), but you can always continue to grow out your hair even after the month is over. Luckily for you, the beard is not going out of style anytime soon!

This Movember keep track of your beard and our Movember series and let us know what you have learned and how much of a difference it has made in comparison to your previous Movember hair growth.


Words: Ciku Kimani

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